Sunday, August 8, 2010

Annual Beach Training

A lot of my 'internet karate' friends from around the world have been displaying their beach training photos on Facebook. They look amazing and fun. Last Saturday was my chance to try at Range Pond in Poland ME. I couldn't have asked for better weather, low 80's(F) with a light refreshing breeze.

We lined up in our typical fashion, upper belts along the edge of the water, and the rest of us, in belt order, behind them. My daughter Justice, who decided that karate was not for her some months ago, jumped right into training, right next to me. The four black belts took turns counting out kihon (basics). Kicking was done idogeiko (moving), so we went in then out of the water. The goal was to try to kick sand (or water) at the person in front of you. Some people were covered in sand, with it even sticking to their cheeks. I skipped out on the run along the length of the beach and back, because my calf is still healing,  Knuckle push-ups were done in sets of five, with five sit ups in-between.

Lining up in a single line, waist deep, we did two katas in the water, Taikyoku Ichi and Sokugi Ichi. Every block and punch was meant  to splash water on the person next to and in front of you. I soaked Justice. Worth the drive just to do that.

Sensei Kris announced that we needed to partner up for sparring. Woo Hoo!. It has been way too long since I last sparred. I figured that since it is underwater and we weren't wearing pads, the sparring would be light contact. I reasoned that my muscle could handle some light work.

Bill came over to me and told me that I was his partner, just because I always am. It felt good that he wanted me to partner up with him. I have been gone for half the time he has been in karate. He and his son (8 years old) joined up together just two months ago.

Bow to Sensei, bow to each other, get into a fighting stance...fight! I do a rapid fire punches into his torso and when he comes in to punch me back, I do a front snap kick. Ouch! I jammed my toe, i figured. Being me, i didn't stop sparring. It was only a minute long. We rotated parners and I got to spar my daughter. I swept her into the water. She accused me of cheating, and I did a little. Then she tried to do the same to me.

When everyone came out of the water for the long jump, I sat with Bill and Sensei Kris. My toe was going off in a weird direction. I tried to put it back where it belonged. My husband (the medic) was being gentle and wouldn't put it back, so I went to Shihan. He grabbed it and yanked really hard, but still it wouldn't go back. I missed out on doing sandy sumo wrestling, and it looked like so much fun.

We hung out for most of the day and ate and talked. After showing each other inappropriate cell phone messages that we have received, it was time for us to leave.

Mike (the husband) took one more look at my toe and declared it broken. After a an hour at the hospital, they confirmed his diagnosis. The bone, from the middle toe, before the tow webbing  had a spiral fracture. They let us take a look at the xray. It was a diagonal break, clean through the bone. Because the break was before the webbing, they couldn't do a thing for it, no taping, no cast, just a silly looking Frankenstein boot. I am laid up for another six weeks.

Even with the injury, I had a good time. My son asked if he can start karate again, so I will be at the dojo still.


  1. Oh no! Sounds like a fun day of training, but I'm really sorry to hear about the toe...

  2. Thanks sandman. Toe is getting better and I'll be getting back to training soon. I am just so glad I haven't gained any weight while I have had this forced time off.