Friday, April 24, 2009

First day at the Dojo

I barly made it in. I feel out of place, like I know I won't belong. Why am I doing this again? Oh yeah, just to say that I tried. I am going to get all sweaty and I am going to hate it but I need to be able to say I tried. Deep breath, and let's get in there.

The waiting room is tiny. Several parents are chatting away about their kid's school, their kid's teachers, their kid's homework, well just their kids. They all seem to know each other very well from what I can gather from the kind of conversations they are having.  No one asked me what I wanted there, so I figured that none of them work here.

On the other side if the large glass windows is a large room with blue and red mats all over the floor. The kids are being lined up at one end of the room and are being sent to the other end to kick a pad and run back in line. Whenever they goof off, a large man with a very large beard makes them do push-ups. He has this very deep voice. He seems very serious and I wasn't getting that warm friendly vibe from him at all.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

On My Way to my First Karate Class

 "Is there anything you want to do, just for you, by yourself?", asked my husband last month.

My husband had to take a week of vacation so as to not lose the vacation time. Our two youngest kids are home schooled. The kids, that week went on a field trip, geography club, lunch with freinds, skiing with the town rec department, a trip to the library, spent two days helping out at the local food pantry with me, plus the time I spent with schooling the kids. Our oldest teen needed rides here and there from sports, teacher conference, and a late field trip where I had to pick her up at 11 at night. Just another week in the Pittman house.