Monday, September 26, 2011

Anatomy of a Brown Belt Test

When I was at my first test, I 'knew' I couldn't do my requirements. The basic fitness everyone has to do. I had the hardest time with push ups and sit ups. I was so worried about not passing. Little did I know then that if you are invited to test, you have already shown that you have what is required to pass the test. The brown belt test is no different in the fact that if you are invited, you already passed. You still have to work hard for it, but Shihan knows that you have what it takes. He doesn't like setting people up for failure.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Punching Drill~ Simple but Effective

In a fight, it is the basics that win. All the fancy kicks and pretty things will knock a person out, but only IF you land them. Basics will wear them down in spirit. A tournament fight is all about who has the greatest will and the strongest spirit because each of you have trained very hard.

No matter which combat sport you participate in, you need to work combinations. The most simplest, most often used combo is the jab, reverse (or cross if you prefer). Want to make that combo more effective? Practice.

Friday, September 2, 2011

new job, new training

New Job

I started to work. I know it may be a shock, but I have a real job. One with a time clock. I have been a full time stay at home mom for 15 years. Sure I have worked, but some computer repair, webdesign, graphic design, and other things here and there. No time clock, no boss, no human resources needing 2 forms of ID so I can pay my taxes.

I am working for Sunday River in Bethel Maine. Sunday River is a four season resort, but it main draw is the skiing. The best skiing in New England. I have been hired to help work the Ziplines.

Training is going to have to be different. I have to be up and out of the house before 6:30 in the morning. No time to work out in the morning. On the up side, zipline guide is a very physical job. Then I go straight from ten hours of work, to two to three hours of training. Sleep and do it again.

I feel like I am skimping on the training because I am  missing my morning workouts. No time for weight lifting and I only have a month till I fight in Canada. Shihan says it will all come together, just like always. That I shouldn't worry about it, and funnily, I am not worried.

Worry is my first name when it is just a month out from a fight. Not this time and I am not sure why. This fight, if I win, will qualify me to head to Japan in May. I already bought the Rosetta Stone, Japanese version. I am just taking it as it comes. No I am not cocky, I plan on going to Japan. I hope to be a fighter but even if I am not, I will go, somehow.

New Trainer

Sensei has a student, Tim. On Thursdays, Tim visits a gym in Mexico, Maine. Last April, when we went to Connecticut to a tournament, Rich came with us. While there, Sensei invited him to coach Tim with her. He was awesome. Rich has a black belt in some other martial art style. He also teaches boxing and kickboxing.

Soon after the April tournament, Rich started kyokushin. I got to know him and some of his history and found out that he trains another fighter and trains people who want to learn fighting. So I asked him if he could do some personal training with me. He seemed to love the idea.

Our 1 hour personal training session is two hours long. It started out that way, so now it is scheduled for two. Rich is a great trainer. He and Sensei are talking about me behind my back. When I get there he has drills tailored just for what I need to work on. Seems like whatever Sensei says that I am doing wrong on Sunday, Tuesdays training is all about my shortcomings. I think this will help me a lot.

The best thing about training with Rich is that it isn't all about fighting. Rich is a martial artist. When he trains me, he is training me in martial arts, not just for the next tournament. It isn't all about the winning, it is about my body, my mind and especially my spirit. To me, my chi or my spirit is the most important thing that I can train. After all the hard work of training plyo and bag work and techniques, Rich works awful hard at helping me quiet my mind through breathing exercises and even incorporates kata.

I can't wait for Tuesday morning so I can train with him again.