Thursday, September 30, 2010

The End Of Overeating by Dr Kessler

The End of Overeating by Dr David Kessler

I thought that today I would write about a book that changed my eating habits. It is one of my  favorite books when it comes to nutrition. I picked it up at the library. I opened it thinking it was a diet book. I was very wrong.

The End of Overeating has more to do with how our food is processed and how the processing effects our bodies. Knowing how certain food can effect your desire to eat too much is very powerful to learn how to stop overeating.

Dr Davis Kessler is Harvard-trained doctor, lawyer, medical school dean and former commissioner of the Food and Drug Administration. That is a lot of credentials. Even armed with all that knowledge, he was overweight man and a yo-yo dieter since college.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Full Week of Training, Finally


This past week was a good one, training wise. Well it was better at the start than at the finish. Monday I went to the YMCA and did the weight program I got set up with the personal trainer. Later I was off to my son's soccer game, which made me late for class, but I told Sensei K that I would be late.

I missed the lesson for the day which was to pivot out of the way of your attacker. They were learning to read opponents by noticing the pressure differences in punches, just before a kick or knee is thrown. I watched the class practice their movements while I stretched. When they were done they got their gear on for sparring.

Sensei K asked if I were warmed up enough for sparring, and of course I said yes. Michelle said 'Patty is always ready for sparring!" and of course I was. I think I wake up ready for sparring.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Settling In

So the Husband was deployed last week. It is taking a lot to get used to. His job, when working for the guard required that he work on weekends, helping the soon to be deploying soldiers make arrangements for when they were to leave. So two weekends a month he was gone. Other than that, he was home everyday for the last six months.

It is so strange not to have him here. I am trying to get used to it, but things seem so empty. It is hard to get into the routine that I had, before my injuries. I used to wake up and do an exercise routine. weights, running, videos, I would do something. Very much struggling to get out of the rut. Al least I have been eating right.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Indian Leg Wrestling

Kata Class

Wednesday was kata class. I usually like kata class, especially just after belt tests. After belt tests we do not do the physical fitness. I don't mind working out. Heck I am always doing something, but I like doing the other stuff so much more.

My youngest daughter is now a cheerleader. She cheered her first game on Wednesday. So cute. She is in 8th grade and this is her first time in school for 4 years. She is doing great with it too. Already she is making tons of friends. Boys are chasing her, and the best part, she is telling them NO! Big W00T! for that.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Belt Test - Felling a Little Yellow

It has been a rough few days here in the Northeast. The temperature has been soaring in the upper 90's Schools in Maine have cancelled their after school sports and some have even closed all together.

Wednesday's kata class was surprisingly full. Usually when it is hot like that, people will stay home. I think some wanted to make sure that they got their hours in before the belt test. We did the usual kihon, then fitness. We lined up for kata, and went through just a few of them when Shihan stopped us. Some of us didn't look healthy, me included, I am sure. So we stopped and just worked on self defense.