Friday, September 17, 2010

Indian Leg Wrestling

Kata Class

Wednesday was kata class. I usually like kata class, especially just after belt tests. After belt tests we do not do the physical fitness. I don't mind working out. Heck I am always doing something, but I like doing the other stuff so much more.

My youngest daughter is now a cheerleader. She cheered her first game on Wednesday. So cute. She is in 8th grade and this is her first time in school for 4 years. She is doing great with it too. Already she is making tons of friends. Boys are chasing her, and the best part, she is telling them NO! Big W00T! for that.

Anyways, that means I have to miss the beginner kata class. Advanced class is for green belts and up, and I am just yellow two weeks ago. I have 6 months to go before I can go to that class. I told Sensei what was up and she told me I could go to advanced. Just fake it, I figure. Motto of my life.

So Sensei had two of the black belts in team captains and we split the class. For each kyu (level) the team captain was to pick one kata, even black belt katas. Samantha just got her green belt so she was just as lost as I was was. It made it a lot of fun. I hope we can do it again.

Indian Leg Wrestling

Probably, someone, somewhere, will be offended at the name, but that is what it is called. Indian Leg wresting is like arm wrestling, but for your legs, obviously. At the end of kata class sensei thought we should do an Indian leg wrestling competition.

What you do is you lay next to your opponent. Torso to torso but facing different directions. Hands go on each other shoulder. You raise your leg for each count and when the count is three, you hook your leg around your opponents leg and flip them over.

I had played this in beginner class. I really liked the game, mostly because I hardly ever lost, even against bigger people. Until Wednesday night. Karen, the 50-something year old grandmother was the first to get on the mat. One by one, we all went against her. It was the best two out of three and NO ONE got to three. That woman beat EVERYONE. I was amazed. WTG Karen