Sunday, September 26, 2010

Full Week of Training, Finally


This past week was a good one, training wise. Well it was better at the start than at the finish. Monday I went to the YMCA and did the weight program I got set up with the personal trainer. Later I was off to my son's soccer game, which made me late for class, but I told Sensei K that I would be late.

I missed the lesson for the day which was to pivot out of the way of your attacker. They were learning to read opponents by noticing the pressure differences in punches, just before a kick or knee is thrown. I watched the class practice their movements while I stretched. When they were done they got their gear on for sparring.

Sensei K asked if I were warmed up enough for sparring, and of course I said yes. Michelle said 'Patty is always ready for sparring!" and of course I was. I think I wake up ready for sparring.

I got to spar Kenny. Kenny is a great fighter and always teaches me a lot. So he is all smiles because I haven't sparred him in ages. The very first thing I do is fake a left hook and turn it into a spinning back kick. It was sweet, but short lived. He got a round house right into my face, but pulled it just in time. He would have broke my nose. In face Sensei saw it and asked if I was okay. The was the same kick that got her nose broken. He is such a great fighter and has so much control. After sparring he gave me a big hug and said that he loves sparring me.

Tuesday and Thursday

Tuesday and Thursday was kickboxing. Sempai Scott teaches the Tuesday class and Sensei Kris teaches the Thursday. They are both so different from each other. I think when I make my kickboxing program, I will take the best from both and add some of my own.


Wednesday was kata. I got to stay for the advanced class because my daughters cheerleading schedule. I was so lost. I don't know my new yellow belt katas at all. I got good exercise though and that is one of the reasons I go.


Friday I went to bo staff class and full contact. Bo class was awesome. Sensei Kris and Michelle went to a seminar last weekend in Halifax that taught them the second bo kata for three hours. What we had been learning was very similar to what they were teaching, but with a difference in stances. It was a 'TE' stance (best way to write it) It was like a zenkutsu dachi, front leaning but then you shift your weight back so the weight distribution is more in the back than the front.

Full contact class was rough on me. I think I did too much all week. At the Y on Monday I did weight training, Wednesday, was yoga, and Thursday a spin class, plus the nightly classes at the dojo. I went way too hard. I used to do a morning routine and then the dojo at night, plus the stuff I would do with the kids when they were homeschooled. I did nothing all summer and tried to jump in where I left off.

So full contact started with weights, going up and down the mats doing combinations. Then we did the same combinations hitting a bag. 2 rounds each of sprints and leapfrogs and then it was time to spar. I was out of gas. I completely hit the wall. I tried my best. Mostly instead of fighting, I was blocking and front snap kicks to keep Sensei off me. I got a round house into my thigh that rocked me. I tried to fight back but was having a hard time.

The other person that stayed for class wasn't ready for fighting and Shihan said that  we were going to go again. I had to say that I couldn't. I never say I can't do something. I may slack off sometimes and get yelled at, but never do I say no. I sat out a round and then I fought Patrick. He was in as bad of shape as I was. I hit him a few combinations and saw that he wasn't fighting back. I let up some, but Shihan was yelling at me not to let up. In reality I needed to let up.