Monday, February 21, 2011

Fight Training, Gearing Up

The US Open has been scheduled for this spring in Connecticut. Shihan Fugiwara is going to be holding it this year. I was looking forward to it being here in Maine again. It would have been easier for me. With the husband being in the middle east, I want to try to have the least number of weekend away from the kids as I can.

Speaking of the husband, he is home right now. He is at the tail-end of this two week leave. In two more days he heads off for the rest of his deployment. Fight training would have started two weeks ago, but I got a pass because of his visit. I even got to drink! Shihan and his wife Sensei L met us at the Smiling Moose, where I enjoyed some margaritas with them. 

I know, I know. If I really wanted to concentrate on training, I would have found the time. The time for excuses are done. Today I do what I should have been doing before. Well for the last two weeks anyway. 

The problem now is which program should I follow. I like the ChaLean extreame, and did it in the past with great success. Chalean has great weight workouts, the cardio videos however is not my kind of stuff, so I would just do the weights.

I also have Insanity, another great program. Bodyweight only but a killer program. There is this one video called 'pure cadio' that is just intense cardio for 12 minutes. It is the kind of cardio video I can follow though. No sashaying around the room. Shaun T tells you what you are going to do, usually in sports terms, then you do it. Fast paced each exercise lasts less than a minute.

I have done P90X and have that as well, but I am not a big fan of that program. The weight training takes too long. Some of the cardio videos I like. Like Shaun, Tony tells you outright what you should be doing, and then you do it. simple. Takes too much time. I could also make my own program.

There is always the option of making up my own. Been weight training so long and reading up on fitness and nutrition for an even longer time, I could be a trainer.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Rashad Evans Top Secret Workout LOL

This is just too funny not to share. I never actually saw someone use a shakeweight before.

Who Needs A Dining Room Anyway?

Last week Shiahn P gave me a heavy bag that is weighted with water. He bought it a while ago, sometime before I started. The first time it fell from it's hook and hit the floor, the plastic insert holding the water broke. So it has been sitting there in the back room, barley used, actually looks new. He said I could have it. I jumped at it. The plan is to use epoxy to fix the leak and then fill it with sand as soon as I can make it to the hardware store.