Friday, February 18, 2011

Who Needs A Dining Room Anyway?

Last week Shiahn P gave me a heavy bag that is weighted with water. He bought it a while ago, sometime before I started. The first time it fell from it's hook and hit the floor, the plastic insert holding the water broke. So it has been sitting there in the back room, barley used, actually looks new. He said I could have it. I jumped at it. The plan is to use epoxy to fix the leak and then fill it with sand as soon as I can make it to the hardware store.

I get it home, all excited and I look around the house for where I am putting my new 'gym'. I have in the back storage room a treadmill, an elliptical, swiss balls, weight bench, weights, and a whole assortment of other stuff for a gym, all stacked not so neatly.

Problem, no room for it. The storage room would be ideal, but there is no insulation. I could handle no heat, but the cold new england wind just streams through it. This spring or summer it may be a good idea to button it up. As for this winter, it is a no-go. I went to the loft and it is big enough, barely. I closed off the third floor to keep the heating costs down. So I was thinking hard on the third floor. A little chilly, but it would warm up as soon as I got moving. How to get my HEAVY treadmill and the rest up to the third floor?

A couple days ago, I found myself locked into the house with the kids because of a dumping of snow we had. Almost a foot of snow fell, and even though it was pretty, the car just couldn't do anything but sit there. So as I sat, flipping through boring daytime TV, watching the kids eat breakfast at the coffee table, it dawned on me that we hardly ever ate in the dining room. A light bulb went off and the kids and I went to work.

My son Mikey and I took away the computer desk, chairs and the table. We rolled in the treadmill. Mikey installed the "perfect pullup" in the doorway. I stacked the weights using some milk crates as shelves. Got my yoga mat and my other various things. Built another rope ladder.

I still have to make a trip to the hardware store and have to fingue out how to hang the bag. Think that I may, just buy a stand, I might have too. The ceiling has 90 year old pressed tin and I think my husband would have a fit I cut into it.

Also on the shopping list? I love biking, so I need an exercise bike. Any one have one they aren't using?