Tuesday, January 26, 2010

tornado kick

Tonight, my husband started a chemistry class. This class is once a week for three hours. Perfect for me in that beginner class, jujitsu and sabaki is at the same time and not to far away.  

Sempai Kris had a class full during beginners with only one beginner. So Sempai Scott took the new student to the back and taught her blocks. New students get a one on one with a Sempai to learn basic techniques. Sometimes it takes more than one class period to get it all in. So Sempai Kris had two orange belts, two blue belts and a black belt in her class. She asked us what we wanted to work on, I said Bo Kata, and all she heard was kata. Oh well , since I was the only one who said anything, I won.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Kihon Wasa - Basic Techniques

Welcome to Kihon Wasa. Kihon Wasa means basic techniques. I started my jouney to black belt in May 2009. I kept a journal of my misadventures umm adventures, from day 1. You will be able to read about karate from the beginning from someone who knows nothing about it. This journal will include video, along with the articles, of the techniques I learn, so you can learn them too. Learn with me the first basic blocks, the strikes, the kicks, and the sparring. Come with me as I go to my first tournament and win second place.