Monday, September 20, 2010

Settling In

So the Husband was deployed last week. It is taking a lot to get used to. His job, when working for the guard required that he work on weekends, helping the soon to be deploying soldiers make arrangements for when they were to leave. So two weekends a month he was gone. Other than that, he was home everyday for the last six months.

It is so strange not to have him here. I am trying to get used to it, but things seem so empty. It is hard to get into the routine that I had, before my injuries. I used to wake up and do an exercise routine. weights, running, videos, I would do something. Very much struggling to get out of the rut. Al least I have been eating right.

Last time my husband deployed, I ballooned up to 240 pounds. This time will be different. Last time, I was all alone in a new place with young children. I couldn't do anything without taking them with me. This time I have friends around. I have hobbies and activities. I am starting a business. I have a lot to do. Not as much time to feel sorry for myself.

The diet has been back on track. I ballooned up to 181 and now I am down to 178. I am following a plan of sorts. I eat primal. It means I eat mostly what the hunter-gatherer ancestors ate. Meat, veggies, fruit, nuts and seeds. Although not technically primal, I choose to consume dairy. I try to make it as organic and raw as I can afford. I don't count calories. I try to eat slowly and try to make sure that I am eating because I am hungry and not just bored or stuffing feelings.

I cook food but the rule I have is that I don't eat anything that I can not eat raw. No grains, because they have to be processed to eat. No 'diet' drinks. Nothing with fake sugar. That stuff will make you fatter and probably give you cancer. Find me a fattie that doesn't drink diet soda. I avoid commercially grown and made meats and eggs. I avoid fast food. That seems like a "Duh", but some people don't realize the MSG content in the grilled chicken, and think they are eating healthy.

Most beans are a no-no as well. Beans, I thought were a great source of protein, actually have 4-9 g per 1/2 cup. A cup of cottage cheese has 28 grams and 6 ounces of some meats are over 50 grams. The worst part about beans is that they have 26 grams of carbs. True that some of those carbs are in the form of soluble fiber, but at the end of the day, a carb is a carb.

I know that physics will kick in. Newton's law about 'an object in motion tends to stay in motion.' That is always what I have been about and it really works. Once I start doing something I love I will continue. The next day after getting to the dojo, I always wake up with energy. I whip through the house cleaning up. I am sure it will kick in.

I also think that if I start making my own workout programs, it will help me. I may be running a cardio kickboxing program and should start thinking about it. I would want to make it my own and change the format up from what it is right now. Also focusing on a full body workout, rather than splitting it up, upper, lower or abs. I may be taking over the night time classes and starting a morning. The morning class will have different people in it, people who do not go at night, so a once a week full body would make more sense.

Maybe I'll be a video blogger too, wouldn't that be fun