Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Punching Drill~ Simple but Effective

In a fight, it is the basics that win. All the fancy kicks and pretty things will knock a person out, but only IF you land them. Basics will wear them down in spirit. A tournament fight is all about who has the greatest will and the strongest spirit because each of you have trained very hard.

No matter which combat sport you participate in, you need to work combinations. The most simplest, most often used combo is the jab, reverse (or cross if you prefer). Want to make that combo more effective? Practice.

Pick up a set of 2 pound dumbbells (1 pound if you are new at this, 3 pounds if you are a strong male fighter), get into your best fighting stance in front of a mirror. Your job is to jab, reverse the image of yourself. Make sure you pick a target, like your chin and hit it every time. Keep your hands up and make sure you are drawing your shoulders back. Throw a hundred jab, reverse combos and put your weights down. Give yourself a 30 second stretch break. With the weights safely stashed away from your feet, throw another 100 combos without the weights. Remember that this is about technique and power, so even thought your hands will feel light, try to keep it at a moderate speed. Switch your stance to your dumb side and do it again. 100 with weight, 30 second rest, 100 without weights, stretch.

Second part of the drill, pick your weights up, get into a fighting stance. Now I want you to throw a hook with your lead hand and then throw a job with the same hand, follow up with the reverse. 100 combos with weight, rest 30 seconds, switch stances and do 100 with weights on the other side. after another 30 seconds of stretching, put your weights safely aside and do the same combo without them, 100 each side.