Friday, August 13, 2010

Dojo Olympics

Last evening the annual MKK dojo Olympics were held. I had forgot about it but Shihan had called me up, he was bringing my kids there. His wife had taken my kids hiking for the day for her son's 14th birthday. I got him this pretty cool backpack that has a water bladder in it. (Now I have to get my kids the same bag.)

Around 5pm, I headed to the local football field and track and met up with everyone. Last year there were more adults than children. This year it was opposite. Sensei Kris and I were both injured, so we helped out with the officiating.

The contests were pleanty. In the long jump, the soon to be Sempai Ryan won with an over 14 foot jump. There was also a shotput and a javelin throw. We also had contests for the 'most in a  minute', pushups, situps, kicks higher than your belt, and punches. The punches were the hardest to count. We counted only the right hand and then multiplied by two. Some went into the 300's all with proper form.

It was a good time.

As a side note, there was a group of people bringing in all kinds of equipment. Weights, squat rack, kettle balls, medicine balls, and a few homemade devices that I had never seen before. Sensei and I were debating weather it was crossfit or tacfit that they were about to do. Curiosity got the most of me and I went over to ask. Sensei was right as usual, crossfit. They do it every Wednesday  and the man who runs it also does it in Portland (the good Portland on the east coast). By the time the Olympics were done, they were off running, so I couldn't ask the instructor anything about it. I think I will head there next Wednesday to check it out. Looked like hell, but I am kind of into hellish workouts.

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