Thursday, August 19, 2010

Meeting with the Personal Trainer

How can 120lb, 5'2" woman kick my ***? She gives me a strength program from hell, and I like it.
Auburn YMCA Looks the same now as it did then

I headed over to Auburn Maine to the YMCA to meet up with Rachel Doane a few days ago. I had thought she said to wear my workout gear, that we would be working out, but I must have miss heard her. It was an interview. Lots of questions on what I was looking for, lots of questions about my health problems. We set up and appointment for earlier today to go over the workout.

When I arrived, she was waiting for me. After five minutes warming up on a stationary bike she showed me the workout. The main work out is in three sections. Each section is to be done as a super-set twice (2 sets) for stamina. All the exercises were 8-10 reps, or 15-20 reps. I am not sure the reason behind the mix. The weights have to be heavy enough to achieve failure with in the number or reps.

Overhead Tricep Cable Extension
Leg Press 8-10 reps
Leg Curl 8-10
Bench Press 8-10
Assisted pull up 8-10

Power Clean/Squat 4-6/8-10 alternating workouts
Inverted Pull-up on the Smith Machine 15-20
Wall Squats, alternating cross punches with weights 45 secs

One Arm Front Cable Raises 15-20
Overhead Tricep Cable Extension 15-20
Decline sit ups with medicine ball, oblique twist. 15 - 20
Hands to feet balance ball pass 15 - 20

The last section was a list of stretches to do. Rachel said that holding a stretch for 45 seconds or more can help your muscles. If you feel the stretch, and don't hold it long enough, it will not help your muscles during recovery.

Some of the weights I used were too light, especially the lower body, so I didn't write them here. We adjusted them on the workout papers, so next time I should be right where I want to be. She said she doesn't usually work with women who want strength and stamina. I think she did a good job making the program.

I was very surprised to see how weak I am in the upper body. The front cable raises could have killed me with a wicked light weight. Just weird how I can pull up 95 pounds on the assist machine, but can barley lift 3 pounds 15 times with the cable.

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