Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Dojo, finally

First things first. Happy Birthday Mas Oyama! He is the founder of kyokushin and would have been 87 today.

Mas OyamaI have been terrible worried about my weight these last few weeks. I have had no access to a scale and I haven't been eating right and no exercise to speak of. I actually looked into the mirror this morning and thought that I looked fatter. 

I think that being laid up has effected my moods. I have been feeling lots of blues lately. I just don't want to do things, even things I like to do and usually look forward to. Of course the blues in my case can be attributed to lots of reasons. The dojo is the place where I can leave all the worries at the door, and when I pick them up at the end of class, they don't seem to be as heavy. I have missed that.

So, tonight I went to the dojo for the first time in weeks. It was kata class, which is generally an easier class, physically. I showed up a bit late, hearing Michelle doing kihon. At first I wasn't sure if it was Michelle, but then I heard her signature giggle. It is infectious. Whenever she gets nervous or she messes up something, she starts to giggle. Make me smile to hear it. I had missed the strikes, blocks and half of the kicks. I jumped in during yoko geri (side kicks). 

During fitness, where we do pushups, situps and squats, I was with Jocilyn. Jocilyn is about 8 years old and becasue of how the visitation and work scheduals of her parents, she misses her child's kata class, so she comes to the adult's class. I like being partnered up with her. She is so funny, yet serious. During situps, she sat on my feet and I would lift her into the air a couple of inches. Okay maybe i did it a little on purpose, but hey, I got to amuse myself. 

Fifty Knuckle PushupsI am still working on my knuckle push-ups. After a year, I still can't get past 20 before my knuckles and wrists are screaming in pain. I know i should be practicing every day, but I haven't because it bothers my leg. In reality, i should have been trying everyday before my leg got hurt. I hate them so much. (mental note: work on push-ups)

So we did katas. As usual we did Taikikoki ichi first. After that kata, Shihan instructed me to only do half stances because of my leg. I was feeling a little disappointed. My leg was feeling great, and I have been missing karate. Shihan explained what happens to a torn muscle and it's elasticity. Begrudgingly I complied. It was actually hard to do. For a year I have been told to get into low stances and it is now automatic. I had to really think about it. Having to really think about movements, while doing movements, is probably better for my karate than running on autopilot through the basic katas.

After about 15 minutes of kata, my leg started to feel tight. After 20 minutes, it was hard to put all my weight on it for the cat stance and for kicks. It is a little sore now and it is slightly swollen, but all in all, it feels pretty good. If I had done the katas with the proper stances, my calf would have been jelly. Shihan always knows best.

Tomorrow and Friday I have appointments for physical therapy. Last week they put these electrodes on my legs and pulsed electricity through it to release tension and help with the pain. I really didn't like the feeling. It didn't help with pain but hurt worse after PT than before. They said it was common for that to happen. 

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  1. Sucks being injured! Hope that thing heals up soon...