Saturday, July 3, 2010

Pop Goes the Calf!

Monday night's sabaki class was so much fun. Sensei Kris decided that instead of push-ups, sit-ups and squats that she would make an obstacle coarse. So we hopped, punched, sideways jumped, wove around cones, and rolled on mats for about 15 minutes. 

Instead of the usual sparring, Sensei had the three black belts attack each of us as a gang, as if we were alone. Sempai Ben was the choker. You were to take out his knee and as you were getting away, Sensei Kris would come after you. Front snap kick to the belly and a punch to her head, lead to sempai Scott weilding a knife. Disarm him and and face sempai Harry with his big right hook. You take him down so you can get away. 

Ben was easy, distracted with my hands trying to remove his, I kick to his knee (easy becasue we really do want him to walk away). Sensei Kris comes, front snap and fake punch to her chin, easy peasy. Sempai Scott is trying to stab me with knife. His extreamy sweatly arm just slides off of mine, yuck. I get all sliced up while trying to take him down. Sempai Harry just would not let me take him down, so I jumped on his back. I failed happily. It was fun.

Full contact, was also a bit different Instead of bag work, we fought. Sensei was fierce. She did stop and tell me that I need to work on aiming my punches rather then just punching. She also showed me some foot work. Then I was matched against Sempai Harry. When I stepped back to get out of the way of a kick, I felt a pop. It felt like someone hit the back of my leg with a golf ball. I turned around to see who hit me and no one was there. Then the pain came. Ouch. I had torn or terribly strained a muscle in my calf. No one hit me, I didn't twist my leg. I just stepped back and the darn thing popped. It was the strangest sensation. 

I drove Michelle's car home and she drove mine, because she has an automatic, and I couldn't manipulate the clutch. I took a shower and headed to the hospital. Doc said that I have a terrible sprain, or torn calf muscle. It wasn't a tendon, thank goodness. He said it could take a week or two, or a month or two, depending on how bad it is. That night, I knew in my heart it was going to be a month or two. I was hurting so bad. 

It has been 5 days since then. Each day has gotten better and I think I will be out for one more week and will be all healed up. I am very lucky.

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