Friday, July 9, 2010

This Weeks Lesson: Crutches Stink

Last week I had to go help out at vacation bible school. I was in charge of doing the slide shows at the end of the day. I did them last year, and it was fun and easy. This year, was a little bit of neither.  Well not with the crutches. It was very frustrating to bob and weave through dozens of children with them. The worst part, was that I couldn't carry coffee to the office to work on the slide show. By Thursday night, i was walking (hobbling was more like it) without the dreaded crutches. Everything was feeling better and looking good.

I wound up doing more stuff  than i should have. Because I am moving into a new place, i have all kinds of packing and sorting to do. I was doing my best to not do too much. Sensei said I should try and not 'look' hurt. So I worked really hard to lose the limp and was doing well at that. Maybe too well.

My husband rented an appliance dolly  and was bringing the heavy things to the truck. When it came  to the dryer, the dolly's strap kept falling off. So I said lets just carry it, it is light enough. I take one end, he the other and I am going backwards up the stairs. I don't know what he was thinking, but he rushed me up those stairs. I made him stop and told him not to go so fast. 'Sure, no problem', he says. Well he rushed me again and I tried to stop but it was too fast and I re-injured myself. 

So now I am in tears, and the husband is feeling like a low life. When I stopped him the first time, I should have told him, that moving fast, backward hurt, but I didn't. He should have slowed anyway because I asked him too, but it is what it is. I havn't stopped hurting since then. It has been 5 days, and it is not better. 

Chat with Sensei

Tonight I talked to sensei Kris about alot of things. Mostly about training. She said that she wants me to do 1000 sit-ups a day, 200 push-ups alternate days, 200 squats on days I am not doing push-ups and run a mile for every minute I think I am going to fight for, 4X a week.

Yeah, 1000 sit-ups, okay I wrote back I can do 100 sit-ups. Seeing what the other numbers were, i thought she miss typed. "Nice try!" she says. It is 1000 and all at once. I can do 50 max right now and I have been training for a year! She said she understands that I can't do 1000 sit-ups right now, but my goal is to reach it.

Osu! I say. She says to fight well I need to listen to my senseis, start a log book about the people in the dojo and my training, and I am to keep a record of my progress. I have to keep it private, no blogging the journey to 1000 sit-ups. Not that I can't tell you when I accomplish this goal, but I can't talk about it daily. 

It took her 3 years to do all of that. I will take me longer because I am in much worse shape, but I can do it!

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