Thursday, July 7, 2011

YMCA ~ Group Power

Yesterday my dojo-mate Judy took me to the YMCA in Auburn Me for a group power class. It was a very hot day, in the 90's. The group exercise room was air conditioned to a very tolerable temperature.

When we got there Judy directed me to the stand where they kept the barbells. On the stand were three different sets of weight plates. Small, medium, and large. None the the plates had the weight listed on them and they were thick, lighter than they looked. I took a set of each plate and a 'step' that was adjustable in height.

The instructor put on her microphone and took to the stage. She tossed in a CD and for about 3 minutes, which was as long as the song, we did various warm-ups with the lightest weight. Then we worked each body part, set to a three minute song and it was to the beat.

The first part we worked was the legs. A whole lot of squats with the barbell resting on the back of my neck. I didn't like that part very much. Then it was chest, back and quads, triceps, and you get the drift. Basically we worked the whole body, three minutes at a time.

I am not really a fan of light weights, many reps, but that being said, sometimes being in a group makes you want to exercise. I liked the music, I liked the company, the class was okay and I will probably go back just because I get to hang out with Judy.