Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Dojo Field Trip : Laser Tag w/ Pinatas!

Last night had to have been the most fun field trip I have ever been on with the dojo. We headed up to BIG Adventure in Bethel Maine for a 2 for 1 special in laser tag. As we were waiting for the people to give instructions, the kids started pointing out my dress. It was black and white and under the black lights, I glowed a bight blue/white.

The first game was blue team vs green team. The lights on the target vests lit up in the color that was on your receipt. It was a lot of fun dodging and ducking, running about, hiding in the barriers. I got in the top ten players. I was surprised because it seemed like I got tagged more than I tagged people.

The second game was more fun. ZOMBIE TAG, yes I said zombie tag. One player is randomly deemed the zombie by the computer. His vest turns red and every one else is green. When the zombie tags an alive (green) person, they get infected and the vest turns red. Since they are now zombies, they go around infecting others. When there is only one player who is still green, the game resets and that player is now the zombie.

After I headed over to Sensei Kris's dojo for some training. I was late and she didn't make me do push up, for which I was grateful. Sempai Steph, on her day off, made pinatas. They were balloon shaped and white, which was awesome. We all brought stuff to put in it. At the end of class, sensei had us  put out heads on the shinai (a stick) and spin around it 10 times. When good and dizzy, you had to walk over to wear they were holding up the pinata attached to a staff and punch it. You only had one chance. I think it took about 4 or 5 hits.More than once the string broke and we would have to retrieve the dented but unbroken pinata from across the room. We broke two of the pinatas. Leaving two more for beach training in a couple of weeks.

Summer at the dojo is a lot of fun.