Monday, July 18, 2011

When Karateka Go Hiking, Caribou Mountain NH

Last week, Semapi Steph and Rich (from Sensei's dojo) went hiking with me. Because it has been very hot we decided that the earlier the better. Rich choose the hike, Caribou Mountain, in the White Mountain National Forest. The Caribou Mountain Trail is in the Caribou-Speckled Mountin wilderness, located on the Maine-NH border.The hike up was very very steep.

As we were hiking, I was in front, I scared a morning dove hiding in the brush. It flew away and some type of predator bird flew after it. It was so close that I could have hit it with a stick, but so fast that I am not sure what kind of bird it was.

Breaking the forest

Sempai Steph breaking a tree, awesome Kiai!

Rich Breaking a huge tree with his heel!
We put the tree back together so I could break it.

My very sad side kick on a wobbly tree

Sempai Steph and Rich showing me how it is done

Side kick, could have been better but I was wearing a dress

Sempai Steph, always a text book kick
Finding a slide
Brave Rich is first!

Wee!! Go Semapi!

Too much fun!
The Rest of The Hike
It all begins!

It was amazing

Breaking the tree line

Rich taking a picture of me taking a picture of him


Feeling small

Walking away