Thursday, June 23, 2011

Are You a Warrior? ~ Warrior Dash Preview

The gear that is included.
I can't believe the day is almost here. I registered over 3 months ago and have been excited ever since. It will be my first race. I will be headed out this Saturday around 7AM. I am dragging Gaylen to race with me and Michelle to take pictures.

I know there are races almost every weekend no matter where you live, but this race is different. This race is more of an obstacle course and the fee includes a viking helmet and a beer! What race have you been to that gives you beer? It also comes with a t-shirt, and a medal.

12 obstacles from hell await you along this 3.02 mile course. Are you a Warrior?

Warrior Dash New England has 12 divisions for each gender, ranging from ages 14 to 70+. The awards ceremony will be an hour after the last wave. Awards will be for the top three overall winners, top three in each division, crazy costumes and beast beard. Waves will start every  half-hour Saturday and Sunday.

The race starts on the grass in the Amesbury sports park. My wave will run at 2:30 and we will start by sprinting up Hell's Hill. After running for a while we will thread ourselves through knotted hanging ropes through Arachnophobia. We will then forge our way through the uncharted Black Forest. After crawling through dark trenches of Blackout, we will sprint to Knee High Hill, where hundreds of tires await many feet. Next up, the Great Warrior Wall, scale a tall wooden wall with the help of a rope. The best part is next. We will get to climb and run over dozens of junk cars and of course more tires. We will then skid down Satan's slope on our asses and crawl through the mud under some barbed wire. To finish is to run through, and jump over fire.

This account has all been taken from the website because this will be the first time it has been to New England. Every Warrior Dash race is different.

Have you already done a warrior dash? What did you like the most? Least? Any tips? Leave your answers in the comments.