Wednesday, October 27, 2010

World Champs - After Fight thoughts

I had a wonderful New England afternoon to walk in the woods with my blaze orange (hunting season) and just be alone with my thoughts. The dog was running all around and would only occasionally bring me back to the moment, so it was perfect.

I thought of the first fight I had. I did well, not the winning part, but the being in control part. Even if I had lost, being able to formulate a plan in my head and execute it was an achievement. I had technique. Usually I go out there and can hear nothing and I have fists flying. This time, I heard everything that my coaches said and tried my best to follow through. I heard chest, I hit chest. I heard switch and I tried to throw a knee. I went for the back leg just like I was told to prefight. Still could use more help in the technical part of fighting.

The second fight was different. I had watched my opponent devastate the fighter in her first match. I am thinking that maybe until I am more experienced, I shouldn't watch matches. I think it undid me. Instead of seeing any holes in her strategy, I saw only strength.

the kick I never saw coming
So for the second match, I was focused more on my strength. I was physically stronger than her and could dominate the mat, but this isn't boxing, it is karate and her superior techniques won out. In that match I was very heavy. I think I get heavy because I am determined not to go down, like I am a tree. I can get hit really hard, anywhere on my body, and still go on . I was no match to a head shot. I just tried to bully myself around and it was my undoing. I lost my game plan and had no technique.

So I am on the search for training to help me improve my technique and help me learn to be light on my feet. I am not sure exactly how to go about it. I could watch fight videos but it is so much different when it is head on compared to a side view. I am going to focus less on power, not abandon it, but focus on speed, agility, and technique.