Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Speeding to the World Championship

Time is VERY short. I only made the final decision last week that I was going to fight at the upcoming world championship.

How could I not fight? Many people train for years for this opportunity. In my dojo, most people have a couple of years of semi-contact fighting before going to full contact. I am lucky enough, at my advanced age, to find a talent that I never even dreamed that I would have. I still have tons of talent polishing to do.

Last May at the US Open, I 'knew' I was getting a butt whopping before I got on the mat. I 'knew' I was going to lose and just prayed that I wouldn't embarrass the dojo and my teachers. I was so scared. I was determined that, even though I would probably lose, that the women were going to have to work for their victory. I wound up winning first place and my first trophy ever.

This time is almost the same. I am not as scared, I haven't had the time to get scared. I still think I don't have a chance. These are world class athletes who have trained for years and are coming from around the world. I am a chubby housewife who first stepped in the dojo 17 months ago. It has actually been less than a year since I first fought semi-contact (lost) and five months from my first full contact fight. That makes this world Championship fight, my third fight ever. I feel like bowing down and chanting "I am not worthy".

This style, Kanreikai, has some rules that we don't have. They are allowed to briefly grab an opponent by the back of the neck and knee to the face. I just learned this the other day. Not much time for training defence against it.

I was sparring Kenny (another fighter coming this weekend), the other day. He grabbed my head and faked the knee. I was stunned. We don't do that. I asked what was up with that? He told me the rules. He said at his past Kanreikai fights, all of his opponents did that to him. Well at least I had some notice, I wish I had more. Something to work on tonight.