Sunday, October 10, 2010

Agility Ladder D.I.Y. Under $10 Under 1 Hour

Agility Ladder D.I.Y.
While coming up with a new exercise to introduce to the kickboxing class I was going to teach, I found some agility drills that used a flat ladder. So I went looking for a ladder at my nearest mall and found two at Dick's Sporting Goods. GoFit was $49.99 and the Champion, $64.99.  I was applaulled at the price. Some canvas straps and flat plastic for $65?! Crazy.

So I headed to the nearest craft store and picked up a large piece of plastic canvas (7 Count 13-5/8"X21-5/8" - Clear) for $1.19 and 10 yards of 1 inch webbing for $8.30 ($.83/yard). All you need for equipment is a regular pair of siccors and a small pair of siccors (I used manicure siccors)

Assembly was simple. Cut the plastic canvas in strips across the 13" side. The strips should be about 8 squares wide. You will get 15 strips with one odd sized strip left over. 

Cut the webbing in half so you have (2) 5 yard pieces.

Trim the sides of your strips of those little plastic pieces.

Cut the slots for your webbing with the manicure sissors. I found the tip of the other sissors were too big, a razor knife would have worked too.

I cut through six pieces of plastic to create a one inch opening. You should have 4 slots, two at each end.

Thread webbing through the slots.

I threaded all the plastic strips on both sides.This is where I found it handy to be a parent. I had one of my kids hold the two straps for the ladder and pulled the rungs down, one at a time. I spaced them out as evenly as I could.

 And there you have a 15 foot agility ladder for under $10.

Some drills to try: