Thursday, October 7, 2010

Sabaki (Fight) Class

On Monday in class we trained our front snap kick. I know, basic, right? I needed to work on it. All the fancy kicks in the world won't win a fight like a well placed front snap kick to the face.

We paired up and our 'opponent' was to come at us with a punch or a kick and our job was to shuffle step back to get out of the way. Then we were to shuffle forward again and deliver a front snap kick to the belly. I worked with Ryan P.

Ryan was the guy who gave me my first bruise, way back when. When I first started karate, I didn't know my own strength, so I would fight hard. I have since learned that all white belts are scary. You don't know what they can and will do. They will either fly off the handle trying to take your head off or be so timid you have to remind them to fight. I was the first one.

Ryan would hit me as hard as I was hitting him. I didn't know it but I also didn't complain. Most of the men wouldn't strike me hard. That is no good for practice. Not that I am saying that a man should go all out, but that the person with the lower ability or strength, should set the pace of the sparring.

After Sabaki, was full contact. We did the usual drills and then we practice more of the front snap kicks. This time it was with someone holding the pad and really kicking hard. Kenny held the bag for me. I love knocking him back. The higher I place the kick, the stronger the kick was.

A new kid, Jared, who hasn't finished beginners classes yet, was also training with us. He has lots of potential. He is very strong and is trying his best to do what we do. When we did the bag work , with combinations, I tried to slow him down. His technique and stances were  lacking badly. He would slow down for a minute, but then he would rush to keep up. He is just so excited to be in class. He wants to know everything right away. So did I.


Tonight I am teaching kickboxing again. This time, all by myself. I am racking my brain for some exercises to do to spice up the workout. I think we will do tabatas again, at the end. I am also making my own agility ladder out of strapping and plastic canvas. I like doing foot drills. It teaches you to be light on your feet.

Oct 23rd Decision

I have a decision to make. It is very hard to do. Shihan said that I can fight at the Kanreikai World championship in a few weeks.

I am crazy about this. I have been so hurt all summer long, I feel like I am not in shape enough, my cardio is lacking. I haven't been weight training as much as I should. I want to fight, but I want to fight well. These people are coming from around the world and they are the best their counties have to offer. How can I match up to that?