Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Sparring, It was a "Hit Patty Hard Party"

Is it strange the my worst injuries come from the dojo and not at a fight? Last night was no exception. We had sabaki class. Shihan had us doing 10, 1-minute rounds. The way the class got lined up, I wound up fighting the same people twice. They were the toughest people too.

Jared is our white belt and he wants to be tough so bad. I fought him twice. He comes to every full contact class and trains hard. The problem with fighting him and any white belt is that they are unpredictable. You never know what they are going to do. He is also too hard on me most times.

Just because I can take a hit, doesn't mean that a man should hit me with everything he's got. That actually seemed to be the theme of the night too. It was "Let's Hit Patty Hard Night" and everyone was invited. They see me fight and they play with me in bag work, so these guys know how hard I can go. But to go full on in class?

Wasn't just a white belt problem. My next match was with a black belt. M has his black belt in a different kyokushin style, so Shihan is having him test for his black belt in our style. When we spar, it is usually for style and technique. So it was very surprising when he started to lay into me with his hardest hits. He was pounding my chest and so I had to start pounding him back. He got me down with a leg sweep, I got up and kicked him in the head. Dud out weighs me and he is a DUDE. I saw him fight other men and not go that hard. The second match with him I went just as hard but now that I knew his style, I went around the sweep and rocked him with a front snap kick and followed up with a hook that sunk into his ribs. 

I fought against Sempai Alex who is 14. Alex gets to wail on me but because of his age and size, I can not return the favor. Shihan is yelling at him to hit me harder. I had other fights that were all hard, with the exception of the last. I sparred against a brown belt child. He is 11 I think. 

It was a crazy night. I think the air was electric with the color of black being wrapped around waists on Saturday. The same thing happened during full contact trainings last spring when we were hosting the US Open. The fighters were fighting awful hard against each other because of the excitement. 

Today I am having a hard time bending my arm because someone, not sure who, hit my bicep really hard. I know I shouldn't complain. I hurt a lot. I wanted to say something during that match with M but I feel like I am being a cry baby when I say something. Especially when Shihan tells them to hit me hard. Maybe I should talk to Shihan. I don't want it easy, but we all have to scale down our power to the people we are fighting. I have to do that to some people. I can't go crazy hard with most of them. 

Mini Accomplishments of the night;
  • Hand Stands:
    • A month ago I would throw my legs up and want to puke. Then I went to 20 seconds a couple of weeks ago until my shoulders screamed. Last night I did a handstand for 45 seconds. I know, not the full minute that I am required but I am getting there. I think i can do the 60 seconds by belt test, Saturday.
  • Walking on Hands:
    • I have never been able to put myself up on to my hands never mind walk. Last night a went about four feet!