Friday, December 3, 2010

Power Circuit Workout ~ Glutes Shoulders Core ~ Jackie Warner

Today I really didn't feel like working out. I am beat. Last night was kickboxing and Sensei Kris taught it. It was a rough workout, but more on that later.

After sitting around trying to find excuses to skip working out, I finally got off my butt and did it. As always, I am glad I did it. After the elliptical interval workout Jackie prescribed on Monday, I got to the power.

Power Circuit Glutes Shoulders Core:

Power circuits are designed so that there is little to no rest between exercises and sets. Do the circuit for a total of 3 times. Weights should be heavy enough that you can barley eek out the last 5 of the body part we are working.

  • Glutes
    • Dumbbell Front Squats 15Reps (12 pounds)
    • Donkey-kick Crossovers 15 Reps each side (supposed to do 30 but I misread the book)
  •  Shoulders
    • Dumbbell Lateral Raises 15 Reps (5 Pounds)
    • Ins and Outs 15 Reps (5 pounds) (my shoulders are my weak spot)
  • Core
    • Dumbbell Transverse 30 Reps (10 pounds)
    • Single Leg Jackknives (15 Reps Each Side)
This concludes the first week of Jackie Warner's Power Circuit. Between the three days of weights, I have hit every muscle group, and have hit them very well. I am really satisfied with this workout. 

Every person is different and this workout works with different people. You can switch out any exercise for any other exercise that hit the same muscle group. For example, if  you don't like the dumbbell transverse, do an oblique twist instead. I really didn't like the transverse. Maybe I am doing it wrong because I didn't really feel it except in my biceps on Wednesday because I had just did biceps before the transverses.