Thursday, December 30, 2010

Fight Video - 8th Annual US Kyokushin Karate Open

Patty Pittman vs Amy Kaufman
There are things in this life you just don't want to do, but you have to. I had to watch my fights from May. I had to edit and upload the video from the 8th Annual United States Kyokushin Open, the first 'full contact' fight I had ever done, it was also the second fight I had ever been to.

The reason for the quotes around the full contact, is that we weren't supposed to wear pads. There was a woman who came down to fight semi-contact, but there wasn't anyone to fight her. The powers that be, decided they would lump all us women together. So as we lined up for the march out to the mats, the woman looked at the rest of us and bowed out of fighting. It didn't matter if we fought with those thin hand pads and shin guards, it was fighting 'full contact' fighters that had her worried. They did find her a fight, but it was left on our ticket that we were "semi contact'. Let me tell you, pads or no pads, it was full contact.

I thought I wasn't ready to fight these ladies. I only found out that I was fighting them less than a week before. I was supposed to fight semi-contact because I have only been in karate for a year, and only fought in a tournament once. I only got second place in that fight (almost won it though, 3-2 split decision after overtime)

It was the scariest, best time in my life.

I found out that my fight video came in from the world champs in Montreal last October. Shihan said we have to wait to watch it so we can have a movie night. I can't wait to watch it, I will probably get a stomach ache, but I'll eventually get over it. I promise to upload it as soon as I get my hands on it.