Monday, November 29, 2010

Power Circuit Workout ~ Chest, Quads, Triceps, Core ~ Jackie Warner

I have always been told to do weights first, but that may because I learned fitness from a weightlifting forum on ShaprFit. My name is PandorasVise over there in case you want to visit. After reading Jackie's book "This is Why You're Fat" I decided to try her workout. It is the other way around, cardio first.

It starts out with intervals everyday for 20 minutes. I like interval cardio opposed to the chronic cardio. People who do chronic cardio, you will find visit the magazine rack before getting on a machine for the next hour. They get nowhere fast. I believe that intensity is the key to any work out. If you can read while cycling, then you are not cycling hard enough.

I chose Jackie's elliptical workout. It was a bit hard to understand at first. Her workout  is based on a elliptical in her commercial gym, not the proform that was previously someone else's clothing rack that I found with a "free' sign attached in their front yard. I did the best I could.

Elliptical Intervals 20 mins:

  1. 2 minutes - Bring up the resistance to half of maximum. My max resistance is 10, so I choose 5. Go as hard and as fast as you can. Watch your speed and try to keep it consistant.
  2. 2 minutes - bring the resistance to the max (10 for me) again go as hard and as fast as you can. This will be a slower pace but you will feel it more in your legs. Again try to keep the speed as consistant as possible.
  3. 1 minute - bring the resistance all the way down to 2 and go at a nice comfortable, walk in the park speed
  4. Repeat 3 more times for a total of 20 minutes. Try to keep the first two intervals as fast as they were for the first set
Power Circuit 30 minutes:

Power circuits are designed so that there is little to no rest between exercises and sets. Do the circuit for a total of 3 times. Weights should be heavy enough that you can barley eek out the last 5 of the body part we are working.
  •  Chest:
    • Dumbell Hammer Presses 15 Reps (14 pounds)
    • Reverse Dumbbell Presses 15 Reps (14 pounds)
  • Quads
    • Sissy Squats 15 Reps (14 pounds, just like reg squat, just place heels on dumbbells)
    • Front Lunges 15 reps (started with weights, elliptical killed my quads at resistance 10)
  • Triceps
    • Kickbacks 15 Reps (7 pounds)
    • Nose Busters 15 Reps Each Arm (7 pounds)
  • Core
    • Ab holds 1 minute (lift your torso and feet off the floor, body in 'V' position and hold)
    • Windshield Wipers 30 Reps
Power circuit took a little longer than 30 minutes because during the first set I had to refer to the book for the next exercise and proper form. The next two sets went quickly. It was a really good workout. Broke a big time sweat and feels good.