Saturday, May 1, 2010

A visit with Shihan Fugiwara

Shihan Fugiwara came to visit our dojo last Saturday for a fight training class. It was a three hour class, but time flew by. We started with warm ups, which were different than the warm up exercises that we usually do. It was good thouhg. We did ballistic and static stretches for each body part that we were going to be moving. Got the sonovial fluid going into each joint.

Then for kihon. The four black belts stood at the fromt of the room, facing the rest of the class. Shihan F would come around the ranks fixing people. If there were many of us doing something wrong, he would stop the count and use a black belt as an example.

Shihan F then did some kicks. He used Sempai Alex as an example of a round house kick (mawashi geri) Then, two at a time, stood up at the front of the class kicking. He explained how a lot of the power of the kick comes from a full 180 degree pivot on the base foot. I had always been pivoting short. I could feel the difference immediately, although I am going to have to practice to break the bad habits I have. He demonstrated more kicks, then we did blocks.

We went to the center of the room to watch a demo on jab, reverse punches. Sempai Harry held a pad for Sempai Scott. Shihan had him punch the bag and showed us all how to do proper punching. When in a fighting stance, one should have their legs slightly bent, then moving the front foot forward, straight at the opponent. When done hitting, to bring you foot back, keeping the leg with the slight bend. That way your head stays at the same level. Your back foot will pivot and your back leg will still be bent when delivering the reverse blow.  When you throw the jab, bring your back fist back towards your shoulder and strike fast. Avoid dropping or pulling back a hand before your punch as it will broadcast that you are going to hit with that hand.

One by one, we took turns hitting the bag.I felt really good about my turn. Probably the best hit I can do is a jab, reverse. Shihan F asked if I used to be a boxer. I was really quick and shihan had to adjust the stepping forward, i was stepping a bit out to the side. And he adjusted me hitting to the center. I tended to move my body weight to the side with the reverse punch. Then he told me to hit the bag had. Sempai Harry is a big dud and moved him when I punched had. Matthew cheered for me! He is awesome and I hope he can get to the dojo more often.

Patrick and I got matched up to do some back and forth defense drills. We blocked kicks and punches and re countered combinations. It was a really good class and I hope to get to Shihans BBQ at the end of May for some board breaking.

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