Thursday, May 6, 2010

10 days till the Tournament

I am getting so nervous. I keep feeling like I am going to do something stupid and get whooped at the fights. I go over in my head what has happened at sparring and critic myself like crazy.

We did 2 miniute sparring last Monday. I started with Sempai Ben. He started to do block against me in kihon style. I hate when he does that. So I would see it coming, stop with that swing and rabbit punch him again. He is very strong.

Then I fought Michelle. I have a hard time not hurting that girl. She will come flying at me with her fist raised to strike and i do a front snap kick. Problem is, she come at me so fast that no matter how weak I throw that kick, she runs into it hard.

Matt H was up next. He and I fought and I have been practicing my blocks. He got me anyway and really good. I got a round house to his head that shihan saw. He sounded like he liked it. Then was telling Matt how he was dropping his hands. When I go to the head, I don't know what comes over me. Maybe it is all the practice, but I don't think it, i just do it. Thank goodness I just do it not so hard. That kick was square against his head. Matt then commenced to kicking my butt. I have to get better

Today I am going to watch fight tapes and try to imagine that it is me fighting. Imagination is almost as good as doing it. It worked for my kata. I watched the kata video off of youtube for a couple of days and then when I practiced it, i surprised my self with what I did. Still needs work but it is getting there.

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