Wednesday, May 19, 2010

8th Annual United States Kyokushin Open Part 1

Friday night when I was supoosed to be sleeping, i was online writting for this blog. I couldn't sleep. I wasn't tired. Then about 11:30 I was done writting and checked all my usual pages for the latest news. I decided to get on facebook. I was checking status updates and was about to play poker when Sensei got online and starts yelling at me, ALL CAPS. Go to bed, she screams. 'Osu Sensei!', I reply.

I slept rather well for what I was going to do. Fighting in the US Open as a first full contact fight. Someone remind me, what was I thinking?

I had looked up Amy's fights in the Ligo Dojo website. She is crazy scary. She made it three rounds in the world's tournament. I didn't know for sure who else I was fighting so I couldn't research that.

I was up early, painting my toes, getting dressed. I was up early enough that I curled my hair. I decided that I if I was going fight, i should be pretty doing it. Also hoped it might make my kata seem a little better. So make-up went on too. I wish I hadn't done that because by the end of the day, some of the makeup rubbed off on the dogi Sensei Kris had given me to fight in.

All the partcipants lined up by height (roughly) outside the ballroom at Sunday River, and we marched in single file. We bowed in at the edge of the matt and lined up, makeing several rows. After we sat around the edges of the matt to watch the demonstration of the rules, semi-contact.

After that we were dismissed and Sensei Liesha Petrovitch started to get the children lined up for their kata competition.

First up was little Gwen, who really didn't compete for she was the only little ninja there. She did some blocks, some punches, then a huge cartwheel that ended in a split. To great applause, the judges all awarded her a ten.

All the kids did their katas before the adults. I did pinan ichi, whic is the highest kata in my belt level. Beth Garza, my competitor, did pinan ni, which is actually above her belt, because we are the same belt. She was so gracefull and pretty doing her kata. I really had no shot against her, although I did practice a lot. I had wanted to do a weapon kata and was told that I could but Shihan never called it. He had told me that I could do both.

Sensei Kris had to go to the dojo and she asked me to coach the kids. I was actually kind of honored that she asked. I was surprised too. I helped out some, but the noise in the place was deafening. The kids really couldn't hear me. They did okay though and I didn't do it for very long, for she was back.

After the break, I have never been so scared in my life. I was at the point that I didn't want to fight. I would have been happy to go help sell shirts for the event. Everyone asked all day if I were ready, and all day I said 'no' and I meant it. I felt bad that Sensei Kris was not fighting. She kept saying it was because she didn't train for it, but I knew it was not that but me that kept her from fighting.

When Shihan told me I was fighting full contact, and then told me that I might fight Sensei. He said he would make sure it was at the end that we would be matched up. I just didn't want to fight her, I am 40 pounds heavier than she is. She has way better techniques and can kick my butt. If I hit her at all, it might hurt her bad, because I weigh so much.  I really don't want to hurt her. So when I told her that I wanted to do semi instead of full, she told me that she wasn't going to fight anyway. She said that I would be doing her a favor if I fought because if I didn't she would have to represent the dojo in the Womens bull ***.

I was blond enough to fall for it, for a minute and said I would fight full. As I went home that night, the light slowly dawned on me how she was manipulating me into fighting. She wanted to fight but was going to make me fight, even if that meant, she didn't fight. So I felt bad about that all week. mostly because I knew I was going to embarrass her by fighting badly.

I even wrote her a silly letter telling her so early fight morning. Of course it was after I sent it, I immediately regretted it.  It went along the lines that I didn't train for full contact and if I knew I was fighting full I would have trained better and I was sorry in advance for screwing up and embarrassing her, because she is the one that trained me. First thing I did when I saw her, was tell her to delete the stupid thing without reading it.


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