Sunday, May 9, 2010

Last 2 hour training before the fight

Friday was the most beautiful day we have had in a long time. I did my P90X legs and back workout and felt great, so great that I decided to take the kids for a hike. I picked up Shihan's son and off we went for a leisurely 2 mile hike in Grafton notch. Leisurely really wasn't the word for it. It was a very difficult hike, but it was fun. Eyebrow Loop trail started innocently enough, then it went up and up and up. Some places were so steep that there was a cable to help pull yourself up the mountain. Later we walked across rungs embedded into the granite and then more rungs that were ladder-like. It was gorgeous. The way down sported all kinds of waterfall from spring run offs and they were pretty.

My legs were burning and I knew I was going to be in for some harsh training later.

Friday was our last full contact 2 hour training before the fight. When I text my husband this, his text back is that he is very happy. He says he wants me home more. Whenever he talks about karate, he talks about me stopping. He has told me that it is not lady like. A wife of his, shouldn't be fighting. He has told me that he needs to make sure I am not leaving the children alone at home so much. By the way, at home alone is my 17 year old, 13 year old and 11 year old. We are not talking babies and we are also talking about 2 nights a week for a couple of hours each. Those two youngest are also homeschooled, so we spend 24/7 together. Sometimes I think he just doesn't want me to leave the house. He wants me to be home whenever he is, and just doesn't like it when I am not.

This makes me so stressed. Not what I need when I am trying to concentrate on fighting. Karate, which was his idea, has made me healthy and strong. Not just strong of body either. When I am at karate, I try to be better than I was before. It makes me not quit, even when I think I can't do something, I will try until I can. My spirit is strong because of karate.

At full contact class, Patrick was there because he is going to be a judge at the matches.We did our usual bag work and conditioning. When it was time to spar, Patrick set himself up in the corner of the mat and held his white and red flags, ready to award points. There was only three of us sparring. The two Matts and I.  First the Matts go at it and it was a draw.

I go against Matt Hess, the big Matt. We are exchanging back and forth. I got lots of kicks to his stomach because he was protecting his head so much. He hits me in the ribs pretty good and Shihan tells him he is hitting too hard. I think I grunted. Then we mix it up some more, he gets me with a huge kick in the thigh and a few seconds later I got a huge sledgehammer fist right in the solar plexus. I could see it hit me. I watched it sink into my chest.  I was still up, my hand were up, shuffle shuffle with my feet like I was still in the game. A wave of pain crahed over me like I never had before. I think it took a whole second (an enternity in a fight) for the pain to hit me and my chest just caved in. I think I took 10 second to recover enough to fight again. As soon as Shihan says 'hijime', the bell rings, and the round is over.  I was sick to my stomach. My breath was taken away. It was at least 5 minutes before I wasn't in pain anymore.

After that hit, Shihan made us practice blocking punches. I felt like I failed so miserably. I know that Matt is a big dude, but he wasn't going full power with me, or I would still be lying on the floor. I am starting to think that I may not be ready for this. But my husband said not to worry about it. He said it is not likely that any girl fighting semi contact next week has sledgehammer fists. Hope he is right!

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