Saturday, April 10, 2010

Full Contact Conditioning

Fridays nights are two hours long for the full contact class when we are gearing up for a fight. It works out well that way because my kids go over to the teen center so I end up with three hours at the dojo. (First hour is bo staff class)
So last night the two Matts were there, Matt C and Matt H. Matt C is a light middle weight kind of guy who looks older than he is and Matt H is a heavyweight with a heart of gold. When Matt H smiles, you want to smile too, it is infectious. Sensei Kris was there as well. I swear that woman has too much joy when inflicting pain, i love her all the more for it.
Class started with the usual bagwork, two rounds each of all our combos and then three rounds all mixed up. We were teamed up by gender, me and Kris, and then the Matts. It is only April and already the dojo is getting hot.

Conditioning for the night done in two mintue rounds taking turns with your partner:
  1. In sanchindachi, punched to the stomach 1 minute, kicked to the inside and outside of the legs 30 seconds, kicked to the stomach while doing push-ups 30 seconds.
  2. leg kicks inside and out
  3. crunches, while in the up posistion, getting 2 punches to the solar plexus each time
  4. low round house kicks and raised our legs to block so it was shin on shin
  5. blocking jab/reverse punches and countering
  6. with our backs against the wall, punches to the stomach again

In sancindachi, getting punched to the stomach, and kicked to the legs, with the last 30 seconds doing pushups while getting kicked to the stomach. I was up first. About a minute in a half went by and Shihan called for us to hit to the legs. Then the bell went off for the 30 second warning and I dropped to do push-ups while Sensei kicked me. Ok my turn to do this to Sensei. Shihan must have forgot the time because the warning bell went off and he hadn't called kicks. Oh well.
Now Shihan orders we kick to each others legs, inside then out. I have a spot on my left leg, outside thigh that got wrecked a few times before. Sensei has a round house technique, that even when done lightly, wrecks your leg. The muscle seems to roll off your bone. Whenever she kicks me I am very weary of it and I am smart enough now to get out of the way (usually). Last night I am told to stand there and take it. It took everything I had to not cry. I told her it hurt but really it doesn't take much for it to really hurt. So I tried to just take the hits, sometimes I could.
The other night, Thursday, at kickboxing Sensei did this exercise called a partner leg throw, two rounds.  Everyones abs hurt after that. So at first when I was doing the crunches, the punches didn't bother me at all. I think after the first 30 seconds, getting hit in that same spot, it started to hurt. After a minute i could have shed tears. Then I didn't feel the crunches anymore, just getting hit in the solar plexus. Hopefully all this pain is worth it when it comes to the fight in May.

After some more self inflicted torture, we practiced blocking kicks and punches. I have a really hard time reading kicks. I need to work on all my blocks. When we got to sparring, I was toast as usual. It is been nearly a year of martial arts and I still can't hang. By the time full contact class ends and all the heavy exercises are done, I can hardly breathe never mind fight. That is when Sensei really kicks my butt. I can hardly get out of my own way. Endurance training, I think, is what I need.

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