Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Gearing up for fight season

Last Monday full contact training started up again. I couldn't wait. I really wanted to fight again.

I asked Shihan about full contact fighting and he told me that a couple more fights and I will be ready. Now I kind of wished that I didn't ask becasue I have butterflys in my stomach and the first fight of the season is two months away.

I need to get a passport, or the card, so I can go to Canada.  I found out passports are about $150 and take 6-8 weeks to get, so I may not even be able to go. I can apply for the passport card next week, hopefully it is enough time.

We started sabaki with kihon and fitness, sit-ups, push-ups and squats. Then we got to practice or spinning kicks again. Spinning back kick, spinning hook kick, then lead leg hook kick, then a kicking combination. It was spinning hook kick, round house to the head, and a lead leg kick. We walked  up and down the dojo a few times doing it then shihan got to talking and told us about a low spinning heel kick. We were to practice the tornado kick but instead we tacked on the low sweep to the end of the combination instead. Sempai Ben showed us the kick, very briefly and we began. I think every orange and blue belt spun their way on to their asses, me included. Sempai Kris explained the kick and we did it again. After trying 6 or 7 more times, it was better but I have a LONG way to go. 

Then we geared up for sparring. I sparred Ryan Dean first. He is still hitting me hard, which is good. Not hard enough where he would cripple me, which he could, but hard enough that I feel like I am sparring. I went to kick his lead leg, which he pulled back and I got his back leg instead. I hit him a bit too hard. Then I hit him in the chest and got his nipple, of all things. But because he said something, I realized I hit his chest, that wouldn't do any damage in a fight, hitting a musclely chest. I have to work on that more. I was conscious of the leg kicks though. I tried my best to remember to kick his legs and not his ribs where his elbows live. I need to be more focused on what I am doing. Use the combinations I learned in full contact.

Sammy was up next. At first she is chit chatting but as soon as Shihan said hajime, she started to pummble me. That girl can hit so much harder now. She used to be tap, tap, tap, and now it is slam, slam, slam. But she ran out of gas really quickly. I don't think she was feeling well. 

Karen and I sparred next. We both went to kick on the same side and smashed out knees together. That woman has some powerful legs. Whenever I see that leg go up, I get out of the way, I don't even block. Wouldn't do any good. 

Beth was back tonight. YAY! I haven't seen her in a long time. She got a new job that took up a lot of her time. She is very quick. She got some good hits in on me. I have to work blocks.

Full contact was the usual bag work then we took turns blocking kicks. We rotated around Sempai Kris. Even though these drills are for the benefit of the blocker, Zack was too hard on me. He kept hitting my leg, even after I told him that it hurt. I never complain about pain unless it is serious pain. Even a light touch made tears in my eyes and he kept beating on my shin. It started hurting with the first drill, round house blocks. Sempai wasn't going hard at all but the pain was acute. I really don't think one should hit the shin. It is all bone and unless it is already hurt, like mine was, it won't do much damage, except to the hand striking it.

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