Monday, January 30, 2012

One Thousand Challenge

Crystal Cipriani, over at Journey of the Primal Tribe has issued a challenge. The "One Thousand Challenge". In four months, she wants to transform her legs by May.
So here is my One Thousand Challenge. In the next four months I am challenging myself to do

One Thousand Lunges
One Thousand Calf Raises
One Thousand Squats
One Thousand Side Lunges
That is 250 of each a month. 63 a week. 21 each a workout if you do three workouts a week. You can do them with weights or without. That’s do-able. That’s not even really a challenge in my quickly growing book of kicking-ass but there it is.
 If she gets 50 people to sign up by Friday, there will be a giveaway every 4 weeks.

I'm in, are you??