Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Wednesday Workout ~ All About Legs

I have been training for a fight, which is next month. I, like always, can see a kinds of shortcomings in my techniques, especially with my kicking. Today I thought I would focus on legs. I am going to miss tonight's class and tomorrow I have a business dinner to go to, so I am going to KILL my legs.

This is in typical Cardio Kickboxing format. You will need a round timer, I suggest Speed Bag Forum Free Online Timer, if you don't have a Gym Boss. These are all two minute drills, so set your timer up for a 2 minute round, with a 30 second warning, 30 second rest. . I will be at the dojo so I will be working with heavy bag, speed bag and a couple of chairs. Grab some water and a towel to soak up the sweat.

When doing any exercise, don't be a hero. Do your best, but if you need a break, take one. I do, then I jump right back into it.

Ding Ding Ding ~ Begin

  1. Warm up ~ Shadow Boxing, with kicks and punches
  2. Jump rope
  3. Low RoundHouse Technique Left : Set two chairs up, one to the left and one in front of you, like half a box, corners touching. Get into fighting stance (south paw) and slowly bring up and chamber your leg, and pivot on your right foot. Your left leg should clear the top of the chairs and when you get to the front chair, snap your kick gedan (low), then come back the way you came, pivoting back to start, clearing the top of the chairs. Use a mirror to check form. At the 30 second warning bell, try to go faster. As you get good it will be some what easier, but do not go too fast. Do this rather slow to focus on technique and balance, speed and power is coming up.
  4. Low Roundhouse Technique Right: bring the chair from the left and place it on your right, repeat 3
  5. Low Roundhouse Power Left : I am using a Muey Thai Heavy Bag, which is 72 inches long for kicking low roundhouses, for power, so go really hard. Because this is for power, you should not be sacrificing technique. At the 30 second bell, I want power and speed. Don't stop moving~ left leg first
  6. Low Roundhouse Power Right: Same thing, other side
  7. Push-up/Dips : Lets rest our weary legs. Place the two chairs on each side of you, right and left, seats facing in. Placing your hands, one on each seat, do a incline push-up. With your hands still firmly on the chairs, swing your legs through so they are in straight in front of you and do a dip.Repeat.At the 30 sec warning, try going faster, if you can.
  8. High Roundhouse Power : Get into your fighting stance in front of your heavy bag. Do a lead leg roundhouse, head level, followed with a back leg round house. This drill is for power so hit that bag hard. After 10 reps, switch stance so your back leg becomes your front leg.
  9. High RoundHouse Speed: Get into your fighting stance once again. With your back leg I want to to kick to the head again, but instead of properly using your shin, i want you to barley tap the bag with your toe. Lightly touch the ground with your foot (it is now your lead leg) I want you to tag the bag head level as fast as you can 20 times, switch legs, 20 times, repeat. This drill is for speed and you will want to slow down after your 3rd set. DON'T slow down. The tap to the bag should be so light, that it doesn't move.
  10. Rest: get some water walk around, stretch a little, drink more water, stand in front of a fan.
  11. Sprints SpeedPlacing your chairs or any other markers you want 10 to 20 meters apart. Sprint to the first marker, touch the floor sprint back to the second marker touch the floor. Jog to the first marker, touch floor and jog back. Alternate sprints and jogs, at the 30 second warning, sprint only.
  12. Front Snap Kick Technique: In a fighting stance, same leg this time, no switching. This time we are going to use one chair with the back towards you. Bring up your leg, kick out, bring it back. DON'T HIT THE CHAIR and remember to pivot. At 30 seconds warning go as fast as you can without scarificing technique. At the end of class you owe me ten pushups for every time you hit the chair!
  13. Front Snap Kick Technique: Switch stance, other leg.
  14. Forward Walking Lunges Power: You know what these are, do them very deep.
  15. Speed Bag: resting the legs do speed bag work. Make sure you are keeping the resting hand on guard by your head.
  16. Speed Bag: Might as well tire those arms out a bit
  17. Squat jumps Power: Start by standing with your feet shoulder width apart and your toes pointing forward. Lower yourself down to the full squat position making sure you keep your back straight. Push against the floor and jump as high as you can and make sure you contract the muscles of your legs as you leap up.
  18. Calf Raises Power : You can either shut off or ignore the round timer now. This exercise will be by counting. Ten slow, followed by ten fast for ten sets. Yeah thats 200 calf raises, if you can do it. Push your self to the max. This is the last exercise for the day. Count in Japanese if you are a real badass. In the time you have left in your round, get some water and rest
  19. Stretch Flexibility: Stretch for flexibility while your muscles are still warm for the next 8 minutes or three rounds
  20. Stretch Flexibility
  21. Stretch Flexibility