Friday, April 20, 2012

Kids Class Game: Snake Horse

I got to teach the kids class last week and they were so much fun. I was hoping for 10 kids to com, but I think I had close to 20. Oh My!! At  least I know them all, it makes it easier. I went in with a plan, but with my plan being for 10, the plan went out the window. One of the games I had in mind worked out very well. The kids loved it and when they saw me yesterday, three asked if we could play it again.

Snake Horse:
I split the group into 2 teams. They lined up, on a starting line,  each behind the other, holding on to the person in front's belt. I had a finish line in the distance. They all had to be in a horse stance. The person in the back of the line would yell "SNAKE!" drop down onto all fours and crawl through his teams legs. When he got to the front,   the snake would get into a horse stance and yell "HORSE!". The person who was the front of the line would hold the back of the belt, so that the kids could not run too far ahead. When the last person crossed the finish line, that team was the winner.