Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Teaching Karate~ The Path to Sempai

My road to black belt is taking a turn that I really haven't seen with most other people, teaching. I have been teaching a lot.
I have a kickboxing class on Thursdays that I am running. In Cardio Kickboxing, I run intervals focusing on drills that are karate related. There are tons of punching and kicking combinations, body weight exercises and balance  and flexibility challenges. Lasts about an hour, every drill is 2 minutes long with a 30 second rest. 

Sensei Liesha has asked me for help in one of the after-school programs on Wednesdays. There are 20 kids, ages from kindergarten to 5th grade. That age range is really hard. The attention span of a 11 year old is drastically longer than a 6 year old. Liesha usually has them in two groups but since this was the first time in this school, they made a mistake of putting them all together. So we start class together then split them up by age to work with them separate. Sometime this year, when there are two classes, it will be my class.

I am now also doing beginner classes. Sempai Scott had to start the night shift and so Michelle and I are running the class. That started on Halloween. I have helped in beginner a lot in the past and so Michelle and I are alternating the class between us. 

Now I get a text asking me to teach sabaki class. Sabaki is where we learn to fight. Shihan has a meeting and ask me to teach the class. That class seems like a lot of weight to me. There will be black belts there. I will be teaching basics to black belts. I have doubts about weather I can do this. I get tripping over my tongue even in the beginner class. I told Shihan that, but he said that I will be fine and can do it in English if I feel more comfortable. He says that teaching is one of the best things I can do to prepare for black belt. 

Shihan asked me to make up a class plan and show it to him before class. After kihon and fitness, I am thinking of teaching knee kicks. Basic jab, reverse, knee, and jab, reverse, switch knee Do that a few times up and down the mat. Then do the same with hotting the pads. Then I was thinking of having them partner up and work the defense of the combination.