Saturday, June 5, 2010

New Tattoo

Last week I finally got my tattoo. I wanted to cover and ugly little bunny that has lived on my arm for way too many years.

I had found a beautiful Japanese watercolor on rice paper of cherry blossoms. I really wanted the flow and the translucent colors of the paint to be on my arm. I had thought of the kyokushin kanji. I was going to wait until I reach the black belt level, but was thinking about the title I won. How many times in my life am I ever going to be champion at anything. So I went with it.

I went to my buddy Ryan and we drew it right on my arm. I took a picture with my cell phone and sent it to my husband.  We sat down and started a few minutes later. Just as Ryan started the Kanji, my phone buzzes. "It's too big" is the text message from my husband. "Too Late" says Ryan and continues to buzz away at my arm.

This is only the first half. I want it to go down my shoulder and have a twig come up over my collar bone. I also want to put a flower pedal 'under' the kanji, just one.

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